Philadelphia OIC has a long, ongoing history of fostering and directing the talents of many individuals, and one of the best ways to do so is through mentorship! Mentorship is present throughout the programming of Philadelphia OIC and the Philadelphia OIC Workforce Academy.

Philadelphia OIC

Philadelphia OIC understands the importance of mentorship, and we know that mentorship is a two-way street. Our programs serve to benefit everyone involved; we make sure that both mentors and mentees gain invaluable experience and unparalleled personal and professional growth. To learn more and receive an invaluable experience, sign up for OIC mentorship today!

OIC Workforce Academy

Philadelphia OIC Workforce Academy has innumerable day-to-day instances of mentorship, but the best illustration of it is the Marching with Successful Mentors initiative. Marching with Successful Mentors invites members of the community to present to students during our Wednesday Introduction to Business seminars. The presenters come from all walks of life from education, business, law, pharmaceutical companies, and helicopter manufacturing companies. Each presenter shares their “career story” that lead them to be successful in the work world. Students hear firsthand of the decision-making efforts that guided the presenter as they were deciding their career path. The presenters share their trials and tribulations, their mistakes, the way in which they took “another look” and made changes to ensure their career pathway would lead to success empowering their earning capacity. They provide students an opportunity during the question-and-answer segment to ask questions and receive immediate answers that motivate, provide self-confidence, and assist the student with beginning to formulate their career pathway. To become a part of the Marching with Successful Mentors program, sign up today!

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