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Philadelphia OIC partners with BankWork$®, a free vocational training program that trains inner-city adults the hard and soft skills needed to start a career in banking. The model was designed to focus on teller positions, and has since expanded to include customer service representative and personal banking positions which are in high demand across multiple financial institutions. The program was launched in 2006 by the Sherri and Les Biller Family Foundation in partnership with JVS-Los Angeles (JVS-SoCal). With its initial success, in 2011 the program expanded to Seattle with the YWCA Seattle/King/Snohomish.

Since the program’s inception, the program has graduated over 2,000 BankWork$® students – with more than 3,400 graduates in banking positions across 8 different cities. They target young adults from underserved neighborhoods who otherwise may not have the opportunity to seek a career in the banking industry. The national expansion is being sponsored by three partner banks – Bank of America and Wells Fargo – along with many local banks who support the program by hiring their graduates and sponsoring the local vocational training organizations.

For more information on enrolling in the program, contact Shantelle Faison at 215-236-7700 x 350.

For more information on becoming a strategic partner, contact Latoya Edmond at bankworks@philaoic.org.

Shantelle Faison


Shantelle Faison



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BankWork$ Alum Ranked 1st in the Region for Sales

Before Alex Robinson enrolled in the BankWork$ program at Philadelphia OIC, he worked two jobs, one as a cook in a hospital and the other supervising food safety at a sporting arena. The two jobs did not bring in enough money for a comfortable life, especially as the supervisor position was seasonal. With a hunger to do more, and a longstanding curiosity about finance, Alex decided to pursue a career in banking.