Riots and Looting are not Protest

Riots and Looting are not ProtestClick here to learn more

 We are all grieving the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and  Ahmaud Arbery and so many others.  We are deeply concerned about the  historic and continuing mistreatment of African Americans. We understand  grief and we understand protest.  Philadelphia OIC was born of  protest.  Protest has resulted in significant and on-going change in  America. Protest, however, is not violence. The violence and looting that has  descended upon our City is not protest. The images splashed over the national  media of looting, burning and violence are not us.
 We understand the anger and feeling of hopelessness. Now is the time to  harness that anger to create effective and permanent change. Change occurs  when we take control of our lives.    
 No matter how justifiably angry and hurt one is, there is no right to destroy  or deface property. Reverend Dr. Leon Sullivan, the founder of OIC walked  alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. peacefully during the height of the  civil rights movement to protest for equality. They used civil disobedience  to force concessions and create change. Protest works. Violence and looting  do not. Violence muddles our message and distracts from the power of our  collective voice and our message. 
 We have and can make a difference without violence.
 Philadelphia OIC stands with you to advocate for equality and fairness for  all people.  
 Judge Renée Cardwell Hughes
 President & CEO
 Philadelphia OIC
 Philadelphia OIC is a workforce development organization which works to  eradicate poverty through education and job training.