Invest in Yourself in the New Year!

Invest in Yourself in the New Year!Click here to learn more


For thousands of years, at thebeginning of each New Year, we all make promises to ourselves to be better, toimprove and accomplish some goal that eluded us in the previous year. It is agreat tradition.  The start of a new yearis the perfect time for a fresh start.  Inaddition to losing a few pounds and committing to exercise more, the New Yearis a great time to reassess and reimagine your professional goals.  

 Just as losing weight requires discipline and commitment, so does success in your career.  

 Now is the perfect time to takestock of your career path.  Are you whereyou want to be in your career? Are you doing the work that brings you joy?   Whether you are a CEO, are self-employed orwork in the mailroom or in environmental services, you control yoursuccess.  Every job requires preparationand the continual sharpening of your skills. Most importantly, everyone, needs a clear assessment of your skills andthe value you bring to the organization. This understanding will protect you in uncertain times. And if we havelearned nothing from the pandemic, we have learned how quickly and howunpredictably life can change.  

 As a result of the pandemic, manypeople now need to pivot and move to other opportunities because the job theyhad and thought would never end, has gone.  This New Year invest in yourself.  Take this time to assess your skills anddetermine to strengthen your skills. This is the key to enhancing your marketability. This is the key tocontrolling your value in the market.

 Many opportunities exist to improveyour skills at no cost.  If you arecurrently working most HR systems include training modules that you allow youto develop new skills and often receive a certification for youraccomplishment.  

 If you are not working, investigate workforce development programs.  Many programs, like Philadelphia OIC, are free.  These programs are useful not only to enhance your existing skills butwill also help you to create pathways to new opportunities.  These trainings programs can help you reskillor gain new experiences to support your professional advancement.  Seek out online certification programs,workshops and organizations that focus on workforce development and jobtraining. Philadelphia OIC can help you with your development and help you tosecure a job.


When seeking professiona ldevelopment opportunities, focus on strengthening tangible skills. Create clear and actionable goals that are measurable. An action plan allows you to track your progress over the course of theyear.


This action plan also will serve as a reference for you to share with your employer to demonstrate your growth. Whether it is completing a professional certificate or improving you rperformance metrics, being able to quantify and articulate your goals will show the value that you bring to the organization and will keep you top of mind forother opportunities


A recent study by the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) found that, 48% of HR professionals believe that training existing employees is the most effective method to grow the company.  There is proven value in training andpromoting your own team.  


Professional development increases employee retention and mission loyalty. It demonstrates to employees that they are valued and considered for career advancement opportunities before a wider, external net is cast.  


As a provider of workforce development training, Philadelphia OIC must walk the talk.  We are dedicated to encouraging our staff and our clients to advance their skills through training programs, webinars and industry-related workshops and conferences. We believe in continual learning and upskilling.  It works for our team and our clients.


Employees who take ownership oftheir self-improvement and commit to prioritizing professional development areactively increasing the company’s collective knowledge.  The result is that these companies have the latest insight and expertise to address challenges.  Continual learning also enhances creativity and leads to innovative solutions and new opportunities.  Everyone from the CEO to the newestentry-level employee benefits from professional development and continuous improvement.




With dedication and determination,the benefits are plentiful. Professional development opens the door to newopportunities, higher wages, promotions, job stability and job satisfaction


Professional development is a New’Year’s resolution that you can keep. Investing in yourself is always worthit!