COVID-19 Updates

To mitigate the risk of COVID-19 contraction, we have implemented the following guidelines which includes a mandatory check-in screening that all entrants must adhere to upon arrival:

  • Entrants will complete a brief questionnaire to determine exposure risk.
  • Temperature checks are required and must register below 100.4 to enter the building.
  • Masks must always be worn throughout the building in common areas and shared spaces.
  • Only two (2) occupants are allowed on elevators at any time.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are conveniently located throughout the building and is encouraged to use frequently.

Additionally, we have added the following safety and health protocols:

  • Signage: Health and safety guidance signage is prominently placed throughout the building.
  • Workspaces: We have reconfigured workspaces and meeting rooms to limit occupancy.
  • Meetings: We will conduct meetings via the web as much as possible.
  • Sanitization:  The entire building has been professionally sanitized.  Additionally, our maintenance team has established a daily schedule of sanitizing protocols.  Sanitizing will be done throughout the day with a special focus on high touch areas such as elevators, doorknobs, bathrooms, etc.

Applicants interested in OIC Programs should contact Irene Council-Grant, our Recruiter at to make an appointment.

We are excited to continue serving the community and to help people return to work.

Stay safe and healthy,

Judge Renée Cardwell Hughes
President & CEO
Philadelphia OIC